Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Skye and Lochalsh


Taken from the TAO brochure.

The Taoist arts are practised throughout the world by people of all ages, culture, religion, lifestyle and belief.

The gentleness of Taoist physical culture ensures that anyone practising does not suffer strains and other muscular injuries, but obtains greater strength and stamina while developing a flexible and supple body.

Health: Regular practice can lead to an improvement in stress related illnesses: It also has a positive effect on general health and well being, and brings increased vitality.

Physical: Taoist exercise develops the physical body enabling it to achieve and maintain its natural potential for health and fitness. Co-ordination of movement improves, as do sensitivity and balance. Self discipline and bodily control are the first steps to personal growth and development.

Mental: The growth in physical control and stability is reflected in the form of a balanced mind, capable of making rational decisions and taking responsibility. T'ai Chi calms the spirit, shapens the faculties and improves sensitivity and awareness. Meditiation stimulates and clears the mind which becomes free, active and spontaneous.

Emotional: Good breathing, balance and a calm mental state help to stabalise the emotions. The physical and mental exercise provide a healthy channel for emotional energy. The Arts can help stimulate and release blocked energy and facilitate positive emotional expression.

Spiritual: The Taoist philiosophy of Yin and Yang harmony is inherent in all phases of growth and development. In its highest application the Taoist Arts teach the principles of natural and spiritual growth.


For those of you who have practiced Tai Chi for some time,
remember the following key points:
Break the balance
Get behind the force
Nine points of the feet
Centre core rotation
Whole body action
Continuous movement
Critical distance
Do not get double weighted
Express your movement
Full & Empty
Focus & Intent
The six harmonies
Open and Close
Posture & Re-stack
Preconceived ideas
Persist dont insist
Thumb to little finger
Relax and re-apply

Thanks to Gordon Leek for this list

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