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The new visitor Centre at Dornie Castle (aka Eilean Donan Castle) played host to a Craft fair recently with a variety of Craft people giving generously of their time to demonstrate to local children what the various crafts were about.

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A couple of happy kids show off their rag rugs. The rug on the wall was made from old rags cut into wee bits and woven through hessian to make this beautiful artifact.

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Above is Mandy Silver, a local woodcarver from Breakish, in the south of Skye.

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And here is Ann Gillespie, from Achmore, half way through re-upholstering a chair. She spits the tacks on to a magnetic hammer whilst holding the webbig tight!

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This happy lady is Chrissie from Harlequin Knitwear. The jumpers on the wall need to be seen first hand to believe the work that goes into them

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Its amazing what you can do with a couple of bits of torn paper and some paste... Here a couple of artists get 'stuck' into some serious paper mache while local artist Mrs Coomber from Gramarye Studios in Achmore looks on.

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Jackie Buskie (foreground) shows (the same) two kids how NOT to get bubbles in their pottery.This causes explosions when firing in the kiln. Something to be avoided apparently! Jackie is a professional potter with a Workshop and Gallery in Kyleakin.

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The two ladies in the foreground are actually mums of kids that got pushed off the rag rug making... As you can see they are away in a world of their own making rugs... Sarah Berry, back left, looks on with a professional eye, guiding as necessary.