The SUnday Bite

The sunday Bite is (sadly) no more. It used to be a
weekly webzine that featured warts and all stories about
products in the IT industry as well as weekly RAM,
CPU, Hard Drive and PC prices and best places to
buy them.
THe SUnday Bite ran for nearly 5 years.

Here's a taster from issue 191....

Time Travel

Travelling faster than the speed of light is the holy grail of science. In theory it also makes time travel as well as navigating the the huge interstellar distances possible. Now a mathematician in Belgium, Chris Van Den Broeck of the Catholic University in Leuven, has calculated the math and says its possible. (the work is largely based on that of Mexican mathematician Miguel Alcubierre) Special Relativity and General Relativity have to be understood before embarking on the math but suffice to say that although mass becomes infinite as you approach the speed of light, thats only to an outside viewer. On the inside, so to speak, the traveller will only notice that they are weightless and apparently going really fast. Unfortunately superluminal travellers will experience chrono-dilation and all their pals will be dead long ago if they return home after a long 'journey'. Another factoid emerging from the paper is that the space ship would have to be microscopic on the outside, but big enough for passengers and hardware on the inside. Sounds like a tardis to us... (the tardis was a ficticious TV time machine on BBC TV in the 60s and 70s) The mathematicians who understand the good Dr's work also say that the craft would surf on a bow wave of space time in what they call a warp bubble. The name is derived from the fact that you have to 'warp' the fabric of space time to get into the surfing position.

(Actor DeForest Kelley, Bones in Star Trek died this week - he was 79)

and finally ... from issue 241

A man has been arrested when he tried to sell a laptop containing government secrets to a tabloid newspaper. The Mi*ror newspaper immediately telephoned MOD who informed Naval Intelligence who arranged then for the police to pick up the thief. It transpired that the man simply bought the machine from a dealer who in turn had purchased the machine from the real thief for a hundred quid. The man arrested realised what was on the machine and immediately asked 15,000 pounds from the tabloid newspaper for its secrets. Its unlikely that much detail would have been unencrypted but sources say the machine contained details of the UKs next generation war planes and how they can be controlled from the ground. The laptop was originally stolen from a Security Service Officer as he fumbled for change at Paddington Station. The thief simply grabbed the machine from between his legs and ran off into the night.

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