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Kyle of Lochalsh was again this year host to the Bentley Motor Club. All in all there were around 50 cars from way back when 'till the recent past (hrrmmm well 20 years give or take...) The drivers and passengers lodged at the Lochalsh and Kyle Hotels.

Owners had a most splendid time and amazingly the sun actually shone for them on the Sunday when they went over the hill to Applecross. Stunning views were beheld and the drivers came home the better for their experiences ... when initial nerves at the prospect of climbing the Beallach, not to mention descending, using technology verging on 100 years old finally subsided.

The previous day was spent motoring on the Misty Isle (Eilean a Cheo or Skye in the English) which lived up to the Gaelic ...

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Here's a few snaps of what you missed if you were not there.

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Doing the business...

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Old meets new at Murchison's Garage, Kyle.

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Sitting pretty ...

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Off to Applecross ...

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Over the sea to Skye and 'that Jag'

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